Whole 30: The First Ten Days

Hi, all! Hope everyone’s 2019 is going well so far. January is probably my least favorite month of the year, mainly because it’s usually the coldest and most wintery. However, January does bring the excitement of starting a new semester! I’m happy to be back to work, even though I already have a bit of work stress involving some changing positions in my office. But I’m trying to focus on the positive and assuming everything will calm down there soon. My classes are fantastic so far; my students all seem thoughtful and engaged and I’m looking forward to hearing their thoughts and working with them for the next fifteen weeks.

I’ll also be keeping busy as a production assistant for 13: The Musical at a local community theatre. One of my best friends, Devan, is directing, Jarred is assistant directing, and the cast is made up of an incredibly talented group of teen and preteen performers! More on that to come. 🙂

In my last post, I told you all about my decision to embark on Whole30. Today is day 10 of my 30 days on the diet, and overall, it’s going well, mainly because I’m shocked and proud of myself for sticking to it thus far. As of right now, here are the pros and cons I’ve experienced so far.

Positive: Fewer headaches I’ve always been a very headache-prone person because I get both allergy-related sinus headaches and migraines. For the majority of my life, I’ve had an average of around 4-5 headaches of some variety a week, and it’s just something I’ve kind of gotten used to, as much as I hate it. Some Whole30 participants report having additional headaches during the first week or so of the program, most likely because of sugar withdrawal. I’ve had the opposite reaction: I’ve only had one minor headache since beginning the program ten days ago. I’m loving having way fewer headaches, but also wondering what it was in my previous diet that may have been contributing to my headaches. I’ve read a couple online blogs of other Whole30ers who had a decrease in headaches and later figured out that they had a dairy intolerance or, in one case, a mild peanut allergy. I guess I will find out if the headaches return once I reintegrate a food back into my diet.

Negative: A week of low energy Many people report feeling low on energy during their first week to ten days of Whole30, and I definitely experienced this. I continued my regular workout routine while on the program and it has been a STRUGGLE. My body has just felt kind of weak and exercises I normally do felt very hard to maintain. My legs would feel like lead during a run or even just doing a few squats, and I had an unpleasant moment during Zumba when I felt almost as if I might pass out. I seem to be on the other side of this fatigue, however: as of day nine, my energy feels much more normal and I was able to complete both a run and a Zumba class feeling good.

Positive and negative: Food cravings I’m having a hard time categorizing this because it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. The first few days I had zero food cravings and was pretty happy with my diet. I discovered baked almond butter bananas to satisfy my sweet tooth, and decided cauliflower rice is my new love (I may seriously never eat regular rice again).
After a few days, however, the novelty began to wear off and I got bored pretty quickly. The diet is pretty restrictive, and I don’t have a lot of food options to keep it interesting.     I am definitely having cravings, but the types of cravings I’m having are not entirely what I expected. I don’t crave junk food much, if at all (with the exception of Taco Bell nacho fries, which they have very cruelly added back onto their menu during the midst of my 30 days on this program). My cravings are more for healthier foods that I just can’t have on the program: yogurt, oatmeal, couscous. I’m surprised that I don’t miss chocolate that much. I expected to miss alcohol much more than I do; I only rarely think about it. And as much as I love peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter have pretty easily taken it’s place.

So overall, Whole 30 seems to be going well, even though I’m a bit bored by my food selection. I will try finding some new recipes. I also recently found a website that offers Whole30 compliant condiments, so I’ll definitely be checking those out!




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